Saturday, May 2, 2009

Real-Time Blogging at Sonnet's

It's kind of fun when you get to eat your sandwich and then post about it 5 minutes later while still sitting here. I decided to meet up with my mother (aka the Birthday Girl) for a bite to eat at Sonnet's in Wadsworth, OH. Since there have been other places in Wadsworth that offered free wi-fi, I never considered Sonnet's as a place to get a nice cup of coffee and a bite to eat. It wasn't until early last year when my grandfather was going through his ordeal at the nursing home that my mother and aunt basically made Sonnet's their restaurant of choice because of how close it is to the nursing home. I have since made it the place I go to in Wadsworth when I need an on-line connection and a nice cup of coffee.

Sonnet's menu is varied, but pretty straightforward: salads, soups, panini sandwiches, and wraps. Within each of these categories, however, are many choices. All of the meats are Boar's Head Premium Deli cuts and are quite good. They also sell pastries, cookies, and bagels. Some of these items such as the cookies and muffins they bake on-site; items like the biscotti and scones come from other vendors.

Today I decided to go with a Reuben sandwich done on their panini press with thousand island dressing and sauerkraut. It came with chips and a pickle spear in a basket:

This was very good (actually all of the sandwiches I've had here are very good). The rye bread tasted fresh and had a nice crunch to it from the panini press. Everything inside the sandwich was warm and juicy. What I love most about the Boar's Head meats is how tasty and fresh they are without being too salty. Sometimes you get those cheaper deli cuts that are so salty that you have to chug half a glass of water just to get through the sandwich. Not here. The sauerkraut was also nice, a balanced blend between acid and salt. I've had Reuben sandwiches in the past where the sauerkraut could take over the sandwich if it was too strong.

My mother had a chicken wrap which she also greatly enjoyed.

And it's become somewhat of a tradition that when I order a cafe au lait in a mug, I get this:

It's not so much a statement of my love for all things Disney as much as a consequence of them having no clean mugs except for this one when I had ordered a cafe au lait many moons ago. The woman working the counter looked at me and said that this was all they had. Not particularly wanting to drink my coffee drink out of a cardboard cup, I just smiled and said, "Sure!" Ever since then, it's just become this sort of "in" joke between her and I that this is the mug I get.

Oh, yeah, the cafe au lait is quite good, too!

Sonnet's is a great casual place to come in and meet up with friends, get a little work done on the laptop, and get a decent bite to eat. Definitely check them out if you happen to be in Wadsworth.

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