Sunday, May 3, 2009

Erratum (aka, Oops, my bad!)

In an earlier post about the Hamburger Station, I stated that both the onion rings and the fried mushrooms were cooked from frozen. One of my astute blog readers pointed out that from what he remembers (as well as what is printed on the Wikipedia page), they are indeed made fresh. I returned to the exact same location I used for my earlier review to verify the veracity of his statement (and mine, too). After speaking with the counter person, this is what I learned. Every day they prep fresh onion slices and mushrooms. These are then dredged in the batter and left to sit in the reach-in (think refrigerator) during the day. At the moment an order is placed, an appropriate amount is removed from the reach-in and freshly fried.

My statement that the fried mushrooms could use a spicy horseradish mayo dip stays on record though.

100% accuracy in reporting is my goal. Occasionally, things just slip through the cracks and it takes others to point out the truth. Anytime you, gentle reader, find an error in something I've written, please let me know and I will be more than happy to address the problem. It could be as simple as me not explaining something properly. Or, as in this case, I was just plain wrong.

I've altered the original post to correct this misrepresentation.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like the smell of Sliders (and onions) in the morning. The morning after that is. Great place to stop on the way to Harbor Freight.
-Tino's Mechanic

Tino said...

I'm still waiting to see that $19.95 meat slicer from Harbor Freight. I don't believe it actually exists.